Upper back tattoo which is highly popular. These tattoos can range form a simple small and delicate design such as a flower to a large and elaborate design. Similar to the lower back tattoo a high back tattoo should be placed in a way that it can be covered when appropriate. However the upper back tattoo may be more difficult to cover up when formal dress wear is common. A gown for example would usually be lower cut around the upper back making it difficult to cover your design. You might consider a smaller design that would better blend with this type of formal wear and actually add to the attractiveness of your look. It does seem that the social bias of tattoos is fading and therefore some female back designs might be admired in this setting.

On the other hand outdoor wear such as bathing suits and tank tops and other casual wear would expose your design. This setting though would be one that a larger tattoo might be greatly accepted and admired. It is a good opportunity for a woman to show her strength and independence. Men like strong, independent and confident women and think of them as sexy.

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