Necklaces should complement your clothing; a proper matching of the necklace and gown would highlight the ease for you to show your beauty, vigor and vitality. To achieve the last splendid brush for your clothes and image, you may need some basic matching skills.

The conformity of the style of your necklace and gown should be taken into account. While wearing classic handmade necklaces, clothes in general types may look perfect to make you more simple and stylish. Improper matching of necklace and clothing would make you seem odd and reduce the significant decorating function of the necklace as well as the original beauty of your clothes.

Sometimes, different materials and different colors that match would lead to different results. A sky-blue polyester georgette dress with a root silver necklace would make you look gentle, cheerful and charming. While, if you are in a red suit and skirt, at the same time, bedecked in a gold necklace, you will look enthusiastic and you may attend some festive occasions in this. The key to achieve a good matching of your necklace and clothing is to follow the fashion trends of colors and material matching.

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