Less is more. Never has that been so true when it comes to makeup and our faces as we age. Here’s some tips on the right and the wrong ways to apply foundation and powders.

Go light on the use of foundation. Most women use too much foundation in the attempt to cover up wrinkles and fine lines. This actually has the opposite effect of highlighting imperfections instead of covering them up. Use a tinted moisturizer instead and only on the parts of your face that you feel need it. Go a shade or two darker as well no matter how light your skin. Darker shades can also help to hide those wrinkles as lighter shades have the tendency to make them stand out.

Powder Power When you were younger, you probably had the problem of too much oil on your skin and thus used powder all over your face. Stop this habit. Now. Powder absorbs moisture and oil as it is intended to do. Mature skin lack moisture and don’t need it. Use it only on either your nose or chin areas.

Professional makeup artists NEVER use powder on women over 50. Powder has the nasty habit of sitting on top of wrinkles and makes them stand out.

Sagging Skin and What To Do About Them Plastic surgery? Facelifts? Botox? Wait! Don’t run off and find a plastic surgeon just yet! Makeup can do wonders here too. Jowl lines are sometimes called funny lines as they extend from your nose are down to your jaw line. They appear most prominently when you laugh and that’s why they are referred to as “funny lines”. These tend to deepen as we age. You can minimize these by drawing attention away from them. Wear longer more prominent earrings as it will pull eyes away from your jaw lines but don’t wear chokers or large necklaces as they will draw attention to your jawline.

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